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Nomads Genesis Shorts

Nomads Genesis Shorts

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In the beginning we were naked, but we wanted something more, something that would protect us from the elements, while making our butts look good. Enter the most comfortable, stylish, flattering work/play shorts for men in hemp & organic cotton with just a hint of stretch for ease of movement. Wide belt loops, sewn under back and front pockets, decorative zippered top pocket, and articulated knees. Word.

What we say…

These shorts look really flattering on my dude. We’ve bought these for all the men in our lives, and love them. When our friends buy them they usually come back for another pair. The pockets in the front work well for water bottles even! Six pockets for all your important stuff. Everyone is making short shorts right now…but we are just going to HODL on our Bermuda length.

Why did we make these flattering men’s Genesis Shorts out of organic cotton?

Because – quite frankly- there just isn’t very much choice for sustainable men’s clothing that looks cool. Yeah sure big companies  may have finally capitulated with some eco styles, but not with very much style if you know what I mean. Organic cotton really does make a huge difference on the planet. And we sure love this big blue ball called earth.

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