Mermaid Necklace


|| Megan @wildchilddivine's Amazonite Mermaid necklace ||

This beautiful piece is made for your inner mermaid, and your inner goddess ~

Megan creates each piece with the intention of love, peace, and healing for their user to wear and feel the powerful energy of each stone. 

Amazonite is a stone of Joy, Peace, Inspiration, and Abundance.

Working with Amazonite will allow for clear communication with your intuition, and higher self, as well as being able to communicate your truth clearly to others in a way that is well received. Allow your creativity to flow with this beautiful stone, resonating with colors and shades that the ocean encompasses! 

This necklace also includes tumbled shell, larimar, emerald, and raw quartz crystal ~ making this piece a powerful and beautiful energy! 


For any further enquiries, or special requests please contact ~ Thank you!