Well, hello!
Thanks for popping by!
Let’s get the introductions out of the way.
My name is Renee. 
I’m gonna be blogging here so I suppose I’ll give you a bit of a run down about myself and you can decide if we can chill together.
I’m 34 and a mother to two amazing little humans.
I’m in to music so much so that I have my own business DJing events, doing sound and organizing shows. Cool, right? I think so.
The reason I’m doing this blog for Woosahh is because of the owners, Natasha and Aaron and because I’m pretty much in love with their online community. I see so many people uplifting each other on the group page and it’s a dream come true to get in on that action.
I met Natasha in Penticton in 2010 when I was buying an item from her through a kid’s swap. We were both going through some seriously grownup shiz at the time and immediately recognized kindred spirits in each other. I can tell you that the empathetic, upbeat and saucy minx that you see posting on the page is who she is in person.
It’s fitting that she owns a clothing store because there have been many times when I was the broke and frumpy mom and she gave me the shirt off her back.
But enough gushing. We’ll save that for visits with wine.
As for me, I’m just a normal person. I spent my early childhood living in a cupboard under some stairs with my aunt and uncle after my parents died in a car crash. It was rough but I persevered until I received a letter that would ultimately change the course of my life.
Ok, yes. I’m lying.
I’m first and foremost a mom. I do all the mom things and spend a lot of my extra time volunteering for my local resources center when I’m not working.
I go to concerts. A lot. It’s my thing.
I run wild with a girl gang that constantly supports and uplifts each other. We’re all different and it makes our group all the more fabulous. We like to drink wine and eat too much food and sneak in to each other’s closets and harass the husbands and run away with each other so that we can have fun without modeling bad behavior in front of our little angels. (We’ve been known to rearrange the neighbour’s garden decorations and TP friend’s cars. To say nothing of the time we thought it would be a great idea to have backyard lady wrestling matches.)
I’ll be writing about whatever pops in to my head. Sometimes it’ll be musing on deep thoughts.
Sometimes it’ll be recaps of random adventures.
Sometimes it’ll be something inspired by the Woosahh page.
If you’re cool with that, I’d like to bring you along on my adventures. I’m a bit of a ‘fart in a whirlwind’ and often get myself in to weird situations. Which suits me just fine.
If I say something that makes you mad, tell me. I’m constantly learning and do it best from mistakes. And babes, I make a LOT of mistakes.
If you’re coming to Shambhala this year, come see me working the Woosahh merch booth. I’ll be selling clothing between dancing my face off and picking jort wedgies out of my mum bum.

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